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Feature Films


Dystopian Global Warming Action Sci-Fi


“In a post-carbon-neutral world where tyrannical superpower, The Federation, has destroyed the environment once again by returning to the use of fossil fuels, former freedom fighter Dani Wells reluctantly joins forces with rebels The Fen to bring down the evil dictatorship in return for help to save her captured friend.”

Matilde Faraday

Espionage Action Thriller

Former spy Mathilda Faraday seeks help from estranged sister to track down a witness who can clear her name, after being framed for a terror attack by her adoptive father.

Alone at Sea, Together

Survival Drama

“A woman living with psychosis gets lost at sea with her dog and must work out how to get back to safety before she loses the ability to tell reality from fantasy”.

Television Series

Code of Conduct

Moral-based Police Drama

"A reckless, uncompromisingly-moral female detective finds herself the target of a network of assassins after seeking guidance from an incarcerated female assassin to hunt down and get revenge against the criminal organisation who murdered her father."


Alien Invasion Sci-fi Adventure

"Three years into an intergalactic war following an invasion of aliens called Winward, two female farm workers must put aside their complex, traumatic history to track down a rogue Winward unit that has taken their family captive.”

Mr Blue Sky

Coming of Age Tragicomedy

Suffering from depression and psychosis, Nick travels to Australia with friend Karly to recreate his gap year trip from two decades previously, in a desperate attempt to experience happiness. He soon realises repeating the past isn’t the answer, so embarks on a road trip to create new memories and, with the help of Karly, finally discover the person he truly is.

Short Films


Real Life Active Shooting Drama

Don't Blink

Sci-fi Thriller

One Last Encore

Theatre Closure Drama

Dream Wedding


The Last Boat Out

Isolation Drama

The Uninvited Guest

New Years' Eve Horror

Maxwell's Lost Letters

Museum-based Fantasy

It'll Ring

Romantic Comedy

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